Prize Recipient

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Fionn D Malone
QC Ware


"For developing Monte Carlo methods that overcome the fermion sign problem, leading to the first ab initio data for an electron gas under warm dense matter conditions."


Fionn Malone received his BA in theoretical physics from Trinity College Dublin in 2013 and a PhD from Imperial College London in 2017. His main research interest is the numerical solution of the quantum many body problem and in particular in quantum Monte Carlo methods. His PhD thesis focussed on the application of quantum Monte Carlo methods to simulate the warm dense uniform electron gas. After his PhD he was a postdoctoral researcher at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and subsequently a staff scientist and worked on the application of quantum Monte Carlo methods to ab-initio strongly correlated materials. He is currently a quantum engineer at QC Ware Corp and works on the development and implementation of algorithms for quantum computers.

Selection Committee:

William Farmer (Chair), Howard Milchberg (Vice Chair), Will Fox ('20 recipient), Radha Bahukutumbi, Matt Landreman