Prize Recipient

Frank J. Sciulli
Columbia University


"For his contribution to a seminal set of high energy neutrino experiments at Fermilab. These experiments played an important role in establishing the existence of weak neutral currents; they established accurate neutrino-nucleon cross sections and accurate values of basic electroweak parameters; they set important limits on neutrino oscillations; and they fit sum rules that helped establish the physical reality of quarks."


Sciulli received his Ph D in 1965 from the University of Pennsylvania and spent the next three years as a postdoctoral fellow, first at the University of Pennsylvania and then with the California Institute of Technology. He joined the faculty of Caltech in 1969 and remained there until he assumed his present position of professor of physics at Columbia University, chairing the physics department from 1988 to 1991. He has served on numerous government advisory committees for particle physics, including the DOE's High Energy Physics Advisory Panel (HEPAP).