Prize Recipient

Gaston R. Gutierrez


"or contributions to the D-Zero collaboration, in particular the "matrix-element" method of extracting precise measurements of standard-model parameters, as well as his outstanding mentorship of young scientists."


Gaston R. Gutierrez completed his undergraduate education in the National University of La Plata, Argentina in 1977. In 1982 he received his PhD from the same Institution. He currently works at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) where he holds a Scientist II position. He participated in High Energy Physics experiment at Brookhaven National Laboratory and Fermilab and for the past ten years he has been a member of the D0 experiment. The young scientists he mentored have been recipients of Fermilabs Alvin Tollestrup Award, the APS Mitsuyoshi Tanaka Dissertation Award, the URA Thesis Award and the University of Rochester Frederick Lobkowicz Thesis Award. His many contributions to the D0 experiment include the construction of the Fiber Tracker detector, the optimization of the Central Muon detector and the precision measurement of the top quark mass. To optimize the use of experimental data he developed the matrix-element method which is currently used to obtain the most precise measurements of the top quark mass, top quark decay parameters and in the search for the Higgs boson. His current research interest also includes the understanding of dark energy. He recently joined the Dark Energy Survey project.

Selection Committee:

Joseph A. Johnson, Herbert G. Winful, Ronald E. Mickens, Delia Cabrera, Kathleen McCloud