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Grigory E. Volovik
Aalto University School of Science


"For their contribution to a comprehensive classification of topological defects in condensed matter phases with broken symmetry, culminating in the prediction of half-quantum vortices in superfluid He-3 and related systems."


Grigory E. Volovik born in 1946; in1970 graduated from Physical Technical Institute, Moscow; in 1973 defended PhD in Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Moscow, and from 1973 to present time is staff member of Landau Institute; from 1993 shares the position in Landau Institute with position in Low Temperature Laboratory (LTL) at Helsinki University of Technology (the present name is Olli Lounasmaa Laboratory at Aalto University). He got Simon Prize in 2004, became the member of the Finnish Academy of Sciences and Letters in 2001 and from 2007 is the member of German National Academy Leopoldina.

He has about 350 publications, about 10 000 citations and Hirsh index = 45, book “The Universe in a Helium Droplet” (2003). Among the achievements: quantum tunneling of vortices (1972): topological classification of defects (1976-78) with Mineev; gauge theory of spin glasses with Dzyaloshinskii (1978); observation of topological defects in superfluid 3He in collaboration with LTL: vortex with ferromagnetic core (1982), vortex skyrmion (1983), vortex with asymmetric core (1991), soliton terminating on a spin-mass vortex (1992), vortex sheet (1994), etc.; spin-motive force in metallic ferromagnets (1987); topological materials: Weyl points in 3He-A and emergence of chiral fermions, gauge fields and gravity (1986), edge states in topological 3He-B (1988), intrinsic quantum and spin-quantum Hall effect without magnetic field in terms of topological invariants (1989), topological edge states in chiral superconductors (1997), observation of analog of chiral anomaly (1997), Majorana fermions in vortex core (1999), etc.; superconductivity: symmetry classification of superconducting states with Gor’kov (1986), Volovik effect in superconductors with nodal lines (1993), spectral flow theory of vortex dynamics (1995), high temperature superconductivity in systems with flat band (2011); observation of intrinsic velocity-independent criterion for superfluid turbulence with LTL (2003); prediction (1996) and observation (2010) of glass state of 3He-A in aerogel; Hawking radiation as semiclassical tunnelling (1999); problems of vacuum energy and cosmological constant with Klinkhamer (2008-2011); theory and experiments on Bose condensation of magnons in superfluid 3He (1990-2012); relation between masses of composite Higgs bosons with Zubkov (2013); etc.

Selection Committee:

Leonid Glazman, Chair; M.C. Marchetti; D. Fisher; S. Coppersmith; C. Batista