Prize Recipient

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Guido Altarelli
Universita di Roma Tre


"For key ideas leading to the detailed confirmation of the Standard Model of particle physics, enabling high energy experiments to extract precise information about Quantum Chromodynamics, electroweak interactions and possible new physics."


Laurea in Fisica, University “La Sapienza” in Rome, 1963.
Scuola di perfezionamento in Fisica, University of Florence, 1965, Thesis Advisor
Raoul Gatto.
University of Florence (1965-68)
New York University (1968-69)
Rockefeller University (New York, 1969-70)
University “La Sapienza” (Rome, 1970-92), Full Professor of Theoretical Physics
since 1980.
Full Professor at the University of Roma Tre since 1992.
Senior Staff Physicist at the Theory Division of CERN (1987-06), Theory Division
Leader in 2000-04, now Emeritus Scientific Associate.
His research achievements (he is author or coauthor of more than 200 scientific
papers) cover a broad range of problems in the phenomenology of particle
interactions within and beyond the Standard Model, in close connection with
experiment. In particular he has contributed to:
- QCD (corrections to the weak non-leptonic effective Hamiltonian, parton
evolution equations, theory of Drell-Yan processes, polarized parton densities,
structure functions at small x….)
- the electroweak interactions (precision tests, epsilon parameters, weak decays,
theoretical bounds on the Higgs mass….
- Neutrino masses and mixings, Grand Unified Theories, Physics beyond the
Awards: Julius Wess Award 2011 for Outstanding Achievements in Elementary
Particle and Astroparticle Physics from the KIT Center of the University of

Selection Committee:

Joseph Lykken, Chair; L. Reina; Z. Bern; G. Guralnik; J. Wells