Prize Recipient

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Holger Mueller
University of California, Berkeley


"For his contributions to precision metrology and tests of fundamental laws of physics through the development and application of atom interferometry."


Holger Müller successfully applied for his first patent when he was 14. Later, he did his undergraduate thesis with Jürgen Mlynek at the University of Konstanz, Germany. He graduated from Humboldt-University, Berlin, with Achim Peters as advisor. Müller received a fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt foundation and joined the group of Steven Chu in Stanford as a postdoc. In July 2008, he joined the physics faculty at U.C. Berkeley. The basic premise of his work is that precision measurements of fundamental quantities can help to address the great challenges faced by physicists now. The focus of his work uses methods from atomic, molecular, and optical physics. It is centered on advancing the experimental technology to push the sensitivity of experiments to new levels, and to perform precision measurements of fundamental quantities.

Selection Committee:

Eric Cornell, Chair; A. Derevianko; J. Faller; H. Gao; R. Pohl