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Hugh Churchill
Oberlin College


"Low-temperature infrared spectroscopy of H2 in solid C60."


Hugh Churchill is a 2006 graduate of Oberlin College with a B.A. in physics and mathematics and a BM. in tuba performance. Working with Prof. Stephen FitzGerald and fellow Oberlin students, he used infrared spectroscopy to probe the dynamics of H2 trapped in a C60 lattice. The design and construction of a cryogenic apparatus extended high as 100 atm. The low temperature spectra contained much sharper peaks and a rich fine structure, allowing more precise determination of the details of the C60-H2 interaction potential and the general behavior of trapped H2.

Hugh is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in mesoscopic physics at Harvard University with an NSF Fellowship.

Selection Committee:

Helen R. Quinn (Chair), Marvin Cohen (Vice Chair), David Newman, Bruce Partridge, David Landau, Nancy Haegel, Marc Sher, David Goldhaber-Gordon, Michael Crommie, Alan Chodos