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Ivan Kohn Schuller
University of California, San Diego


"For his dedication to the development of physics at the frontier level in Latin America, China and India; for his efforts in organizing international events and building strong bridges to connect people, ideas, and resources from around the world; and for his results as an imaginative physicist and a close collaborator with young physicists in developing countries."


Prof. Schuller received his Licenciado en Ciencias degree in 1970 from the University of Chile, his M.S. in 1972, and his Ph.D. in 1976 from Northwestern University. His employment includes Argonne National Laboratory, as Senior Physicist/Group Leader from 1978-1987, Special Term Appointee from 1987 - 1966. He has been a Professor of Physics at the University of California at San Diego since 1987, and from 1976 - 1978 was an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Physics at he University of California at Los Angeles. He is also currently a Professor at the Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia and since 1982, at the Catholic University in Santiago, Chile.

Prof. Schuller's research interests center around the physics of length scales and novel materials in condensed matter physics. This includes experimental studies of magnetism, superconductivity, magnetotransport, optical and mechanical properties of thin films and complex materials and numerical simulation and theoretical studies in related areas.

Prof. Schuller's Honors and Awards include: Fellow of the APS (1985), DOE Outstanding Scientific Accomplishments (1987), Chilean Academy of Sciences (1992), Dozor Fellow, Israel (1993), APS Centennial Speaker (1998-1999), Royal Academy of Science Letters and Arts, Belgium (1998).

Prof. Schuller is a member of the APS, the Materials Research Society, and the Chilean Physics Society.

Selection Committee:

Raymond L Orbach (Chair), Francisco de la Cruz, Manuel Cardona ('97 Recipient), John W. Clark (Vice Chair), Kevin Shawn Bedell