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James E. Faller
National Institute of Science & Technology


"For the development of sensitive gravitational detectors and their successful application to the study of physics and geophysics."


Chief, Quantum Physics Division of NIST; Fellow of JILA: and Professor Adjoint, Department of Physics. A.B. 1955, Indiana University; Ph.D. 1963, Princeton

Employment history: Faculty Member Wesleyan University: Assistant Professor 1966-1968, Associate Professor 1968-1971 and Professor 1971-1972; Fellow of JILA, 1972-2006; Chairman, JILA, 1995-1996; Chief, Quantum Physics Division of NIST, 1996-2006.

Research interests include geophysics, experimental relativity, fundamental constants, and precision measurement and experiments designed to look for possible invalidations of accepted physical laws at some extreme of magnitude.

Professional Memberships: Fellow of the American Physical Society, the American Geophysical Union, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Optical Society of America and Member, the International Astronomical Union.

Awards: Joseph F. Keithley Award, 2001; Federal Laboratory Consortium Technology Transfer Award, 1992; Department of Commerce Gold medal, 1990; NASA Group Achievement Award and also NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal, 1973; Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship, 1972-1973; National Bureau of Standards Precision Measurement Award, 1970; And Arnold O. Beckman Award of the Instrument Society of America, 1970.

Selection Committee:

Robert J Soulen (Chair), James Harvey Kaufman, Calvin F. Quate ('00 Recipient), H. Kumar Wickramasinghe ('00 Recipient), Marvin E. Cage (Vice Chair), James R. Matey