Prize Recipient

Jean-Michel Guenet


"For distinguished research on polymer chain conformation in semicrystalline polymers and for major contributions to the understanding of the nature of the gel state"


Jean-Michel Guenet is Directeur de Recherche at CNRS at Institut Charles Sadron, Strasbourg, France, a CNRS-owned laboratory associated with the Université Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg. He owns a degree of material science engineer from Paris XIII University (1974), and obtained a PhD degree in 1980 at Université Louis Pasteur. He spent a year at Bristol University, UK, under the guidance of Professor A. Keller as a post-doctoral fellow. He was a visiting scientist at NIST with Dr. G.B. McKenna, Gaithersburg, USA. He has authored about 50 papers, and is currently writing a book on Thermoreversible Gelation of Polymers and Biopolymers (Academic Press, 1992).