Prize Recipient

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Jens H. Gundlach
University of Washington


"For identifying, and providing a solution to, an unrecognized weakness in the Cavendish technique for measuring the gravitational constant G; improving the accuracy of G by an order of magnitude, representing one of the largest incremental increases in accuracy ever obtained in the history of such measurements."


Vordiplom, Johannes Gutenberg Universitat, Mainz, West Germany,1982. B.S. in Physics, University of Washington, Seattle, 1983. Diplom in Physik, Johannes Gutenberg Universitat, Mainz, West Germany,1986. Ph.D. in Physics, University of Washington, Seattle, 1990. Employment Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Washington, 1990-93. Research Assistant Professor, University of Washington, 1993-98. Research Associate Professor, University of Washington, 1998-present.

Recent Scientific Endeavors:
Equivalence principle tests and searches for fundamentally new interactions. Precision measurement of Newton's constant. Test of the inverse square law of gravity below 1mm.

American Physical Society: Topical Groups: - Precision Measurement and Fundamental Constants- Gravitation

Selection Committee:

Linda Young (Chair), Eric G. Adelberger, Stephen Lamoreaux ('99 Recipient), Gerald Gabrielse (Vice Chair), Gordon Drake