Prize Recipient

Jens U. Noeckel
Max-Planck Institut fur Physik komplexer Systeme


"The emission properties of asymmetric dielectric resonators with chaotic ray dynamics.


Born and raised on the German island of Helgoland, Dr. Noeckel had his first encounters with science through summer jobs at Helgoland's ornithological and marine biology labs. Dr. Noeckel enrolled in physics at Hamburg University in 1986. After five semesters, he went to Oregon State University in Corvallis as a graduate exchange student for one year. He then completed his German Diplom degree in Hamburg with a thesis on magnetotransport in semiconductor microstructures, supervised by H.Heyszenau. In 1992, he began PhD studies with A.D.Stone at Yale University. With a Pierre Hoge Endowed Fellowship from Yale, Dr. Noeckel initially worked on electronic transport theory before micro-optics in deformed dielectrics became the focus of his thesis work in early 1994. This led to a patent he holds jointly with A.D.Stone and R.K.Chang. For the thesis, Dr. Noeckel received the Henry Prentiss Becton Prize for Exceptional Achievement in Engineering and Applied Science when he graduated from Yale in 1997. Since then, Dr. Noeckel has been a staff member at the Max-Planck Institute in Dresden, where he is continuing to investigate microresonators. This has resulted in a second patent application together with Yale and Bell Laboratories. Additional Information and Abstract

Selection Committee:

Hossein Sadeghpour (Chair), Eric Cornell, Wendell Hill , Barbara Levi, Michael Morrison