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Joe Greene
University of Illinois


"For outstanding research and lecturing on the physics and chemistry of thin films."


Prof. Greene obtained his Ph.D. in Materials Science from the University of Southern California in 1971 and joined the University of Illinois where he is currently Professor and Head of the Electronic Materials Division. He is also Erlander Professor of Physics at Linkvping University, Sweden. The focus of his research has been the development of an atomic-level understanding of adatom/surface interactions during vapor-phase crystal growth. In particular, he has used hyperthermal beams and photochemistry to access novel surface reaction pathways, developed hybrid deposition techniques for the growth of new epitaxial metastable phases, and devised and modeled low-temperature Si1-xGex atomic-layer epitaxial process with self-limited kinetics.

Prof. Greene has served as the editor of CRC Critical Reviews in Solid State and Materials Sciences and is currently editor of Thin Solid Films. His service to various societies includes the Board of Directors and President of the American Vacuum Society, Chair of the Thin Film Division of IUVSTA, and the Governing Board of the American Institute of Physics. He is a member of APS, AVS, TMS, and MRS.

Prof. Greene has received notable recognition including the Thornton Award from the AVS (1991), Senior University of Illinois Scholar (1991) for distinction as a member of the faculty, the Tage Erlander Physics Prize (1992 - 1995) from the Swedish Natural Science Research Council, an Honorary Doctor of Science Degree (1992) from Linkvping University, AVS Fellow (1993), the Technical Excellence Award from the Semiconductor Research Corporation (1994), and the Department of Energy Sustained Outstanding Research Award (1996).

Selection Committee:

Jim Roberto (Chair), G A Neville, Connell G Slade Cargill (Past Division Chair), Frans A Spaepen, John D Joannopoulos ('97 Rcpnt)