Prize Recipient

John P. Holdren
University of California, Berkeley


"For his many insightful contributions to the analysis of global energy issues, for his unstinting leadership in arms control and for the clear and lucid presentation of these ideas to scientists and to the general public."


Holdren established the Energy Resources Group (ERG) graduate program at Berkeley, an interdisciplinary program that fosters the "Physics approach" in estimating costs and benefits of various energy supplies. He has also chaired numerous government advisory committees on arms control issues, most recently the National Academy of Science's Committee for International Security and Arms Control, which developed guidelines for the disposition of the hundreds tons of surplus plutonium from US and former Soviet weapons. He is the author of numerous publications in environmental impacts of fusion power, comparative costs and benefits of alternate energy technologies, strategic arms control issues, the role of human population in environmental dilemmas, and the prospects for sustainable development.