Prize Recipient

Recipient Picture

Jong-Kyu Park
Princeton University


"For the development of perturbed equilibrium calculations and generalized toroidal viscosity models providing significantly improved understanding of the response of tokamak plasmas to three-dimensional magnetic field perturbations"


Jong-Kyu Park started to study plasma physics in Nuclear Engineering Department of Seoul National University, and received Bachelor Degree in 2000 and Master Degree in 2002. He entered Plasma Physics Program in Princeton University in 2004 and focused on tokamak plasma physics until finishing Ph. D. in 2009. He is then immediately hired to Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and is currently working as Staff Physicist. Park's scientific interest is on the interaction between 3D fields and tokamak plasmas, and their applications to improve plasma stability and thus performance. He has developed the Ideal Perturbed Equilibrium Code (IPEC) for 3D equilibria and has performed theoretical study on transport driven by 3D fields. He has also made various applications of the computational and theoretical findings to tokamak experiments, which have successfully improved understanding of plasma responses to 3D fields. The study is being extended as will be supported by US Department Of Energy (DOE) for the next five years, via Early Career Research Program Award.