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Juan Maldacena
Institute for Advance Study


"For profound developments in Mathematical Physics that have illuminated interconnections and launched major research areas in Quantum Field Theory, String Theory, and Gravity."


Born in Argentina, got my "Licenciatura" in 1991 from "Instituto Balseiro, Universidad de Cuyo, Argentina".

Ph.D. 1996 from Princeton University.
I was a postoc at Rutgers University 96-97
Professor at Harvard 97-01
Professor at Institute for Advanced Study 01-present

I have been working on the relationship between quantum field theories and gravity. Exploring the connection between strings and large gauge theories with a large number of colors. One interesting application is to the physics of black holes.

Professional memberships:
Americal phyisical society.

Awards and honors:
2004 APS Edward A. Bouchet award
2002 Pius XI medal
2001 Xanthopoulos Prize in general relativity
2000 Sackler Prize in Physics
1999 UNESCO husein prize for young scholars
1999 MacArthur Fellowship
1998 Packard Fellowship in science and engineering
1998 Sloan Fellowship

Selection Committee:

V. Alan Kostelecky (Chair), Stuart Raby (12/06), Giorgio Parisi ('05 recipient)(12/06), John Donoghue (V. Chair)(12/07), Stanley Deser (12/07)