Prize Recipient

Recipient Picture

Katsunobu Oide
National Laboratory for High Energy Physics (KEK), Japan


"For technical leadership and direct contributions to the development of high luminosity B-factories at KEK and SLAC. These machines have set new world records for luminosities in colliding-beam storage rings."


Oide earned his bachelors degree in pure and applied science from Tokyo University in 1975, and his PhD in physics in 1980. He joined the research staff at KEK the following year, eventually becoming a full professor in 1997. His research involves the design of beam optics for ring colliders and linear colliders. Among his awards and honors is the Nishikawa Prize for linear collider design in 1990 and the Nishina Prize for KEKB in 2001.

Selection Committee:

Satoshi Ozaki (Chair), S.Y. Lee (12/03), A.N. Skrinsky ('02 Rcpnt) (12/03), Peter Limon (Vice Chair) (12/04), Tor Raubenheimer (12/04)