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Li-Bang Wang


"For his outstanding and innovative experimental work to precisely measure the charge radius of the exotic and short-lived isotope 6He by laser spectroscopic studies of single atoms stored in a magneto-optical trap. The result helps to reveal the nature of weakly bound nuclei and serves as a key benchmark for nuclear models."


Li-Bang Wang received his B.S. degree in Physics from National Taiwan University in 1996 and was awarded Dr. Paul C.W. Chu Fellowship for Material Science. He then served in Taiwan Army for two years, followed by a full-time teaching assistant of the laboratory physics in National Taiwan University. Afterwards, he went to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1999 to pursue the doctoral degree. He worked with Dr. Roy Holt (thesis advisor) and Dr. Doug Beck on the parity violation experiment to test Standard Model in simple atomic systems. In fall 2001, he joined Roy Holt and Zheng-Tian Lus group at Argonne National Laboratory and used atom trap technique for nuclear physics studies. His thesis work was laser spectroscopic determination of the 6He nuclear charge radius. He received his PhD degree in May 2005 and is now a postdoctoral fellow at Los Alamos National Laboratory. His current work includes ion trapping and precision laser spectroscopy to test the constancy of fundamental interactions.

Selection Committee:

Bradley M. Sherrill (Chair), Donald F. Geesaman, Thomas D. Cohen, Barbara V. Jacak