Prize Recipient

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Loïc Anderegg
Harvard University


"For pioneering work in laser cooling and the creation of an optical tweeter array of ultracold molecules."


Loïc Anderegg grew up in Southern California and attended UC Berkeley, receiving his B.A. in physics in 2014. As an undergraduate he joined the group of Holger Müller where he worked on precision tests of Lorentz invariance. Loïc began his doctoral studies at Harvard University where he worked in the group of John Doyle. His dissertation work demonstrated new methods of laser cooling and trapping of molecules. This allowed for the creation of optical tweezer arrays of molecules, which were used as a platform for exploring state-selective ultracold collisions between molecules. He received his Ph.D. in 2019 and is currently a Harvard Quantum Initiative postdoctoral fellow.

Selection Committee:

Scott Bergeson (Chair), Monika Schleier-Smith, Tanya Zelevinsky, Virginia Lorenz, Steven Olmschenk