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Mark Johnson
Yale University


"For the applications of spectroscopic methods towards the understanding of solvation on the microscopic scale, especially the solvation of protons and hydroxide anions by water."


Mark A. Johnson, Professor of Chemistry, Yale University, Ph.D. 1983, Stanford University, B.S. 1977, University of California, Berkeley;

Research Interests: Spectroscopic and pump-probe kinetic studies of molecular clusters as model systems with which to expose fundamental, molecular level paradigms underlying condensed phase behavior. Particular emphasis on pure and doped water clusters, especially hydrated electrons and protons, explored with broadly tunable infrared radiation and negative ion photoelectron spectroscopy. Argon cluster mediated synthesis and messenger spectroscopy of trapped intermediates in chemical reactions.

Honors and activities: APS Plyler Prize (2006), Executive committee, DLS (2002-2004); Fellow, American Physical Society (DLS, 1999), Selection Committee, Plyler Prize (2001-2003), Distinguished Visitor, J.I.L.A. (2005), Advisory Editor, Chemical Physics Letters (2004-), Chair, Gordon Conference on Photoions (2001), Chair, Gordon Conference on Molecular and Ionic Clusters (1996), Executive committee, Physical Chemistry Division of American Chemical Society (1992-94, 2006-8), J.S.P.S. Fellow (2001), Visiting Professor, University of Paris-Nord (1998)

Memberships: American Physical Society, American Chemical Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Selection Committee:

Kenneth C. Janda (Chair), Geoffrey Blake (12/05), Robert Tycko ('05 winner)(12/05), Michael Fayer (v. chair)(12/06), Laurie Butler (12/06)