Prize Recipient

Masatoshi Koshiba
University of Tokyo


"For compelling experimental evidence for neutrino oscillations using atmospheric neutrinos."


Born on Sept. 19, 1926, in Toyohashi city, Japan. Graduated from Physics Department, Univrsity of Tokyo. Ph.D from the graduate school, University of Rochester. Physics Professor at Univ. of Tokyo until the retirement on March 31,1987. Organized international collaboratins like DASP and JADE at DESY and OPAL at LEP-CERN. Created underground facility Kamiokande to initiate neutrino physics. Honors include; Der grosse Verdienstkreutz from President of West Germany, the Order of Cultural Merit from Emperor of Japan and Wolf Prize from President of Israel. Member; American Physical Society, Physical Society of Japan and Japanese Astronomical Society.

Selection Committee:

Marjorie Shapiro (Chair), Jeffrey D Richman, Martin Breidenbach, Bruce Winstein, Jim Alexander