Prize Recipient

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Mauricio Miguel Gomez Lopez
California State University, Fullerton


"For elucidating the stochastic force dynamics of a model biological micro-swimmer using an innovative combination of direct model-independent force measurement, simulation, and analytical modeling."


Mauricio Gomez Lopez received his BS in Mathematics and Physics in 2022 from California State University, Fullerton. In 2017, Mauricio began working with Dr. Wylie Ahmed in the Soft, Living, and Active Matter Lab, where he focused on the measurement and analysis of non-equilibrium force fluctuations of biological systems using optical tweezers. During his undergraduate years, Mauricio Gomez attended many workshops, summer research programs, and conferences, including The Physics of Life Summer School 2018 (Princeton University), Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (University of California, San Francisco), and APS March Meeting 2022. Additionally, Mauricio received various awards, including the California State University Trustees' Award for Outstanding Achievement, and placed first in the California State University Student Research Competition. Mauricio Gomez is a first-year master’s student continuing his work with Dr. Wylie Ahmed.