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Mayya Tokman
UC Berkeley


"For the development of exponential propagation methods for 3-D MHD simulations and for their application to the solar corona, giving new understanding of observed features of coronal mass ejections.



Mayya Tokman began her undergraduate education at Baku State University in Azerbaijan, a former republic of Soviet Union. After immigrating to USA she completed her B.S. in Applied Mathematics with specialization in computing at the University of California, Los Angeles graduating Suma Cum Laude and receiving the Daus Scholarship Prize. While an undergraduate Mayya held several positions including working as a system administrator and programmer at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and as a teaching assistant at Santa Monica college. In 1995 Mayya became a graduate student in the applied mathematics department of California Institute of Technology. She received a DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship in 1996. As a part of her graduate studies and the fellowship Mayya spent two summers working at the Advanced Computing Laboratory at Los Alamos National Lab. Her doctoral dissertation was completed in 2001 under the direction of professors Paul Bellan and Daniel Meiron and received the W.P. Carey Prize for outstanding thesis in applied mathematics at Caltech. Currently Mayya holds the position of visiting assistant professor in the mathematics department of the University of California, Berkeley. Her research interests include mathematical modeling, numerical methods and computational science. She is particularly interested in developing effective models of physical phenomena which exhibit multiscale behavior.

Selection Committee:

Amanda Hubbard (Chair), Robert Merlino (12/02), Ned Birdsall (2001 Advisor) (12/02), Scott Robertson (Vice Chair) (12/03), John Greenly (12/03)