Prize Recipient

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Michael B. Green
Cambridge University


"For his pioneering work in the development of superstring theory."


Education: 1967 BA in Physics from Cambridge University 1970 PhD in Elementary Particle Theory, Physics Department, Cambridge University

Employment: 1970-1972 Postdoctoral fellow, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton NJ 1972-1977 Postdoctoral fellow, Cambridge University 1977-1978 Advanced fellow, Oxford University 1978-1987, Lecturer in Physics, Queen Mary College, University of London 1987-1993, Professor of Physics, Queen Mary College, University of London 1993- John Humphrey Plummer Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge

Research: My early research was in elementary particle theory with special emphasis on string theory applied to the strong interactions. Between 1979 and 1984 John Schwarz and I developed superstring theory and elucidated its consistency as a perturbatively finite and anomaly free quantum theory of gravity. Subsequently I have been involved in unraveling the underlying geometrical structure of the theory by studying nonperturbative effects associated with stringy solitons and instantons.

Awards and honors: 1987 William Hopkins Prize, Cambridge Philosophical Society 1987 Maxwell Medal, Institute of Physics 1989 Dirac Medal, International Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste 1989 Fellowship of the Royal Society

Selection Committee:

Jonathan Bagger (Chair), Ezra Newman, Sidney Coleman ('00 Rcpnt), Martin Gutzwiller (V Chair), Stephen Shenker