Prize Recipient

Michael E. Sadler
Abilene Christian University


"For his leadership and outstanding research contributions in experimental pion-nucleon scattering and his energetic involvement and guidance of numerous undergraduate collaborators from Abilene Christian University at national and international laboratories."


Michael Sadler received his undergraduate degree from Texas Technical University in 1971 and his Ph D from Indiana University in 1977. He then moved to UCLA as a research physicist from 1977 1980 when he joined the faculty of Abilene Christian University. Professor Sadler has obtained numerous grants from the US Department of Energy for particle physics research, the most recent of which is titled, "Measurements of Observables in the Pion-Nucleon System, Nuclear A-Dependence of Heavy Quark Production and Rare Decays of D and B Mesons". He has included his undergraduate students fully in all his research which has been conducted at Los Alamos, Fermilab, Brookhaven, CEBAF and St. Petersburg, Russia.

Selection Committee:

J.R. Brandenberger, Chair; M. Shinn; J. Blackburn; S. Feller; W. Edelstein