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Mohammad Mirhosseini
California Institute of Technology


"For his doctoral dissertation, “Quantum Information with Structured Light."


Mohammad Mirhosseini, Ph.D., was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. He received his undergraduate degrees in electrical engineering and physics from the University of Tehran in 2010. He pursued his doctorate in experimental quantum optics under the supervision of Robert W. Boyd, Ph.D., at the University of Rochester (N.Y.). Dr. Mirhosseini’s  doctoral research focused on a variety of topics in optical physics and quantum optics. The key results in his dissertation include building a high-dimensional quantum cryptography system based on the orbital angular momentum of photons, devising a computationally efficient method for direct measurement of the quantum wave function, and the experimental measurement of the discrete Wigner distribution function. Dr. Mirhosseini has received numerous awards, including the 2013 Emil Wolf Award from the Optical Society of America. Currently a member of the group lead by Oskar J. Painter, Ph.D. at the California Institute of Technology (Pasadena), Dr. Mirhosseini  is currently a postdoctoral fellow working on interfacing optical quantum communication systems with superconducting quantum processing circuits.

Selection Committee:

2016 Selection Committee Members: David Reitze, Kristan Corwin (chair), Randy Bartels