Prize Recipient

Recipient Picture

Nicholas Poniatowski
University of Maryland, College Park


"For advancing our understanding of the transport properties of electron-doped high-temperature copper oxide superconductors through their synthesis, theoretical modeling and experimentation."


Nick Poniatowski graduated with a BS in physics from the University of Maryland, College Park in 2020. Throughout his time at the University of Maryland, he worked in Prof. Richard Greene’s lab studying copper-oxide based high temperature superconductors. The nature of superconductivity in these materials has been a mystery for the past 30 years, despite being the subject of intense study. Nick’s research focused on the non-superconducting state of these materials, a fascinating fundamental physics problem in its own right whose solution is believed to be a prerequisite to understanding high temperature superconductivity. This research culminated in multiple publications, presentations at the APS March meeting, and was recognized with several awards including a Barry Goldwater Scholarship in 2019. Nick is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in physics at Harvard University as a National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellow.

Selection Committee:

Roger Falcone (Chair), David Gross (Vice-Chair), Nima Arkani-Hamed, Sujit Datta, James Eckert, Eun-Ah Kim, Shelly Lesher, Geoffrey Lovelace, Paul Miller, Stephanie Moyerman, Talat Rahman