Prize Recipient

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Nicola A. Spaldin
University of California, Santa Barbara


"For groundbreaking contributions in theory and experiment that have advanced the understanding and utility of multiferroic oxides"


Nicola Spaldin is a Professor in the Materials Department at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She received her undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University in 1991, and her PhD in Chemistry from UC Berkeley in 1996, followed by postdoctoral research in Applied Physics at Yale University. Her research develops and applies electronic structure methods for designing and understanding novel multifunctional materials; she is particularly renowned for her contributions to the emerging field of multiferroics. Recent awards include a Miller Institute Professorship and an NSF American Competitiveness and Innovation Fellowship. She is Director of the International Center for Materials Research.

Selection Committee:

Brian Maple, Chair, E.D. Williams, S. Bader, W.L. Johnson, D. Schlom