Prize Recipient

Randall G. Hulet
Rice University


"For his contributions to a broad range of important problems in atomic and optical physics including cavity quantum electrodynamics, quantum jumps, ion storage, and laser cooling of atoms. In the latter field, in particular for his demonstration of multiphoton cooling involving Doppleron resonances in neutral Lithium and his collision experiments with cooled Lithium vapor."


Prof. Hulet received his undergraduate degree from Stanford University in 1978 and his Ph D degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in June, 1984. Since then, he has worked as a post-doctoral research assistant at MIT, and as a post-doctoral fellow at the National Bureau of Standards before moving to Rice University in 1987 where he is now an Associate Professor of Physics.

Prof. Hulet is a recognized leader in the experimental investigation of laser cooling and trapping of atoms. His studies of trap loss at millikelvin temperatures have demonstrated an extraordinary experimental ingenuity and skill. His paper on atomic motion in an intense standing wave is a major contribution to understanding the behavior of atoms in optical traps. In addition to his work on laser cooling, Prof. Hulet has made significant progress on stabilization of laser diodes and also provided an interesting aspect of quantum measurements which has been reported in Physical Review Letters.