Prize Recipient

Raphael Littauer
Cornell University


"For his many contributions to accelerator technology, in particular his innovative conception and implementation of a mechanism to provide multifold increases in the luminosity of single-ring colliding beam facilities by the establishment of separated orbits of opposing, man-bunch, particle beams. This work has enabled toe Cornell Electron Storage Ring (CESR) to achieve record luminosities for electron-positron storage rings; the concept has been adopted, equally successfully, at the other high energy physics facilities of the world."


Prof. Littauer was born in Leipzig, Germany, received his undergraduate degree from Cambridge University in 1943 and his Ph D from Christ's College, Cambridge University in 1950. Since then, his primary association has been with Cornell University, although he has consulted with numerous other universities and research corporations.

Prof. Littauer has made a lifetime contribution to high energy physics and the technology of particle accelerators. He has played a major role in the construction of each of the series of five electron accelerators which have been built at Cornell University which culminated in the highly successful CESR electron-positron storage ring. He made extensive contributions to the design, construction and commissioning of each of these machines. Throughout the years he has been ingenious in designing control systems and diagnostic devices. He has carried major responsibilities in the development of a number of luminosity increasing devices including the installation of the first low beta insertion region at CESR. Littauer, throughout the years had played a major role in designing, performing and analyzing accelerator studies which have contributed to the record high luminosity of the CESR.

Selection Committee:

J. Peoples, Chair; K. Berkner; J. Blewett; B. McDaniel; P. Wilson