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Samadrita Chowdhury
University of Massachusetts, Lowell


My name is Samadrita Roy Chowdhury . I reside in the greater Boston area with my husband and two daughters. I grew up in India and studied at the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai where I got a
M.Sc in Physics. I emigrated to the United States as a graduate student in Physics at Duke University, Durham, NC. I completed my dissertation on high brightness electron and photon beams and
successfully defended my thesis in 2006 graduating with a PhD from Duke University. After graduating from Duke, I worked at Xerox Corporation in Rochester, NY. I took a career break to cope with the
familial crisis of my father’s failing health while taking care of my young children. I have now returned to active research as a researcher in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the
University of Massachusetts, Lowell. I am currently working on automatic image segmentation of multi-modal images. My research goal is to utilize my understanding of Physics in solving open problems at
the intersection of physics, biology and imaging