Prize Recipient

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Sean P. Robinson
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


"For leading and helping to develop Junior Lab, MIT's advanced physics laboratory, and for pedagogical excellence that extends to the broader advanced physics laboratory community."


Sean P. Robinson is a Lecturer in the MIT Department of Physics, where he is currently Associate Director of the MIT Physics Helena Foundation Junior Laboratory. He received an SB in Physics from MIT in 1999 and a PhD in Theoretical Particle Physics from MIT in 2005. He has held academic and administrative staff positions in the MIT Physics Department since 2005. His research activities have ranged from quantum gravity to computational biology, but are primarily focused on research and development for physics education in the advanced laboratory setting. He is a member of the American Physical Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Association of Physics Teachers (where he has served on the Committee for Laboratories), and the Advanced Laboratory Physics Association (where he served as Treasurer from 2018-2022).

Selection Committee:

Lowell McCann, Chair, University of Wisconsin - River Falls Jeremiah Williams, Vice-Chair, Wittenberg University Sara Callori, California State University San Bernardino Ashley Carter, Amherst College Linda Barton, Rochester Institute of Technology Melissa Eblen-Zayas, Carleton College Mark Chantell, University of Chicago