Prize Recipient

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Stefano Coda


"For development and application of phase-contrast imaging techniques to measurements of turbulence in high temperature plasmas, including critical comparisons to theory and the discovery of radial modes in the plasma edge.



Born and raised in Italy, Stefano Coda received his undergraduate Laurea degree in physics from the University of Pisa, Italy, in 1986. For his undergraduate thesis he worked for one year on the JET tokamak in Culham, U.K. After two years with the Versator-II team at the M. I. T., he moved to General Atomics in San Diego, where he carried out his graduate dissertation research under the supervision of Prof. Miklos Porkolab. He received his Ph.D. degree in 1997 from M. I. T. Dr. Coda is currently working on electron-cyclotron heating and confinement studies on the TCV tokamak at the CRPP laboratory of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Selection Committee:

Raymond John Fonck (Chair), Roger D Bengtson, Ronald M. Gilgenbach (Vice Chair), Gregory W Hammett, Adil B Hassam