Prize Recipient

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Stephanie Moyerman
Harvey Mudd College


"Magnetic Structure Variations in Spin Valves with Pico-Scale Antiferromagnetic Layers."


Moyerman received dual B.S. degrees in physics and mathematics from Harvey Mudd College in May 2006 with Honors in both fields. She conducted her undergraduate research in the magnetism and magnetic materials group at HMC under Professors Eckert and Sparks. Her research focused on investigating mechanisms of exchange bias using Polarized Neutron Reflectometry and Giant Magnetoresistance techniques. Upon graduation she received both the Mindlin Prize for Innovative Ideas in the Sciences and the Thomas B. Brown Award for her thesis research. She was also named a finalist for the Vanderbilt Prize in Physics and Astronomy. Currently, Moyerman pursuing one year of independent study abroad as a Thomas J. Watson Fellow, studying cultural effects on the practice of judo. When she returns she will be attending the University of California, Berkeley and working in the field of condensed matter physics. She will be pursuing her Ph.D. as a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow and a Bell Labs Graduate Research Fellow.

Selection Committee:

Helen R. Quinn (Chair), Marvin Cohen (Vice Chair), David Newman, Bruce Partridge, David Landau, Nancy Haegel, Marc Sher, David Goldhaber-Gordon, Michael Crommie, Alan Chodos