Prize Recipient

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Susumu Okubo
University of Rochester


"For groundbreaking investigations into the pattern of hadronic masses and decay rates, which provided essential clues into the development of the quark model, and for demonstrating that CP violation permits partial decay rate asymmetries."


1949-1952 (undergraduate) Department of Physics, University of Tokyo, Japan

1954-1958 (graduate) Department of Physics, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY

1964-1996 Professor of Physics and Astronomy, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY

My current works are mostly mathematical in nature, dealing with non-associative algebras. The most recent work is entitled "Symmetric Triality Relation and Structurable Algebra", which is currently under press to appear in Linear Algebras and Applications.

I have been awarded 1976 Nishina Prize from Nishina Foundation in Japan for works in particle physics. I am a member of the American Physical Society and American Mathematical Society

Selection Committee:

Paul Langacker (Chair), Andreas Kronfeld (Vice Chair), George Sterman, Lance Dixon, Steve Sharpe,