Prize Recipient

Physical Science Study Committee (PSSC) and Implementers


"For the revitalization of subject matter through the involvement of teachers and researchers at all levels, the elevation of the instructional role of the laboratory, the development and utilization of innovative instructional media, and the emphasis on discipline-centered inquiry and the nature of physics, PSSC Physics has had a major and ongoing influence on physics education at the national level."


Representing the Group:

John H. Dodge, AP French, Robert Gardner, Edwin (Ned) Goldwasser, Robert Hulsizer, John G. King, Uri Haber-Schaim

Selection Committee:

Wolfgang Christian (Chair), Beth Cunningham, Ernie Malamud, Ken Krane (V. Chair), Alan Van Heuvelen Left to right: Edwin L. Goldwasser, Uri Haber-Schaim, and Leo Kadanoff
Left to right: PSSC members Edwin L. Goldwasser and Uri Haber-Schaim, with APS President Leo Kadanoff