Prize Recipient

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Yitzhak Maron
Weizmann Institute of Science


"For revolutionary, non-invasive spectroscopic techniques to measure magnetic fields in dense plasmas and for resolving in detail in space and time the implosion phase of the Z pinch."


Yitzhak Maron received his Ph.D. in Physics from the Weizmann Institute of Science in 1977, served as a postdoctoral fellow at the Weizmann, and in the years 1980-1984 became a Research Associate at the Laboratory of Plasma Studies at Cornell University. Then, as a Professor in the Faculty of Physics of the WIS, he he has been heading the Plasma Laboratory there. His Laboratory focuses on spectroscopic investigations of high-energy-density plasmas, together with developing kinetics, line-shape, and radiation-transport computations. Among the accomplishments in his studies are pioneering determination of the electric-field distribution and ion velocities in high power ion diodes; determination of the magnetic field distribution in particle diodes, Plasma Opening Switches, Z-pinch, and laser-produced plasmas; investigations of electric and magnetic fields in turbulent plasmas; demonstration of the Hall effect in magnetic field penetration; observation of simultaneous field penetration and particle reflection, studying the implosion dynamics of a Z-pinch plasma; and determining the energy balance in the stagnating  plasma. His laboratory conducts broad international collaborations, and hosts worldwide students and researchers. He is an APS Fellow (1995), an IEEE Fellow (2003), and the recipient of the IEEE PSAC Award (2007).

Selection Committee:

Peter Catto, Christine Coverdale, Micharl Zarnstorff, Clifford Surko, Jean-Marcel Rax