Prize Recipient

Deborah S. Jin
University of Colorado


"For her innovative realization and exploration of a novel quantum system, the degenerate Fermi atomic gas, and the scientific promise portended by her pioneering work."


Deborah Jin graduated from Princeton University in 1990. In 1995 she received a Ph. D. from the University of Chicago, where she worked on experimental studies of exotic low temperature superconductors. From 1995 to 1997 she was a National Research Council research associate with NIST, working at JILA in Boulder, Colorado. At JILA Deborah worked with Dr. Eric Cornell and Prof. Carl Wieman on some of the first studies of dilute gas Bose-Einstein condensates. In 1997 she accepted a permanent position with NIST and began work on creating and exploring a dilute Fermi gas of atoms. Deborah is currently a JILA Fellow and an Assistant Professor Adjoint at the University of Colorado. She has received a Young Investigator Award from the Office of Naval Research and a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers. In 2001 she received the Samuel Wesley Stratton Award from NIST.

Selection Committee:

Ellen Zweibel (Chair), Susan Nan Coppersmith, Sharon Glotzer, Julia M. Phillips, Beverly K. Hartline