Prize Recipient

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Eric Lauga
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


"For the dissertation "Slip, Swim, Mix, Pack: Fluid Mechanics at the Micron Scale," a treatment of slip and mixing relevant to micron-scale geometries, swimming of microorganisms and self-assembly of colloidal particles."


I received my diplôme dIngénieur (equiv. B.S.) from Ecole Polytechnique in France in 1998, majoring in Fluid Mechanics and Earth Sciences. I then joined the Corps des Mines program at Ecole des Mines de Paris, during which I spent a year at the University of California San Diego (1999-2000) and obtained in 2001 my D.E.A. (equiv. M.S.) in Mechanics from the University of Paris VI. I received my PhD in 2005 from the Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University, under the direction of Michael P. Brenner and Howard A. Stone. My thesis work concerned theoretical investigations of flow behavior at the micron scale. I am currently an Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics in the Department of Mathematics at MIT. My current work considers problems in bio-fluid mechanics and microfluidics.

Selection Committee:

Paul Neitzel (Chair), Sandip Ghosal (Vice Chair)(12/06), Anette (Peko) Hosoi (12/06), Richard Leighton (12/06), Marc Shattuck (12/07), Fabien Waleffe (12/07), Wendy Zhang (12/07)