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Eric Lauga
University of Cambridge


"For seminal contributions to our understanding of the dynamics of complex fluids, including biological swimmers."


Eric Lauga received his Diplôme d’Ingénieur from Ecole Polytechnique (France) in 1998 and his PhD in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University in 2005. After stints on the faculty at MIT and the University of California, San Diego, he is now Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Cambridge (UK) and a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. His research is devoted to theoretical modelling of small-scale systems where fluid and solid mechanics intersect, with a particular emphasis on problems from the biological world. He is a recipient of the François Frenkiel Award for Fluid Mechanics (2015) and the Andreas Acrivos Dissertation Award in Fluid Dynamics (2006) both from the American Physical Society. He became a Fellow of the American Physical Society in 2016.

Selection Committee:

2018 Selection Committee Members: Kate Stebe (Chair), Nick Abbott, Karen Daniels, Jean-Yves Delannoy, Pedro Reis, Chris Santangelo, Jennifer Schwarz, Jonathan Selinger