Braslau Family Travel Grant

The Braslau Family Travel Grant provides support for degree-seeking students and early career physicists to attend an APS March or April Meeting. Established in 2016 by David Braslau, this grant honors his brothers Norman and Robert Braslau—both accomplished scientists with distinguished careers in physics and systems engineering. The Braslau Travel Grant helps students overcome financial barriers to benefit from the professional and academic interactions of a scientific meeting.


  • Degree-seeking students and early career physicists
  • Presenting research at an upcoming APS March or April Meeting
  • Underrepresented minorities and women are especially encouraged to apply

Award Range:

Grant amounts are based on the availability of resources, with special consideration given to students who lack personal or institutional financial support. Awardees can receive up to $515 to cover their registration fee at the APS March or April Meeting. Funds will be distributed after the meeting upon receipt of required documents. More details will follow once awardees are notified.

Application Materials:

  • Program information (students)
  • Department information (postdocs)
  • Title of abstract and summary of current work
  • Registration fee request
  • Advisor statement (include other potential funding opportunities available to the applicant)

Applications are now closed.

If you have any questions, please email

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