The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Fundamental Physics Innovation Awards

From 2018 until 2021, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Fundamental Physics Innovation Awards supported a variety of ways to bring people together to discuss and collaborate on innovative ways in which emerging technologies can be used to address pressing problems in the physics of fundamental particles and interactions.

Past Recipients


Lectureship Award

Professor Sir Michael Berry, University of Bristol, U.K.

Visitor Awards

Yue Zhao, University of Utah
Peter Wilson, The King’s School in Sydney, Australia
Julia Gehrlein, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Benjamin Grinstein, University of California, San Diego
Swati Singh, University of Delaware

Convening Awards

Ross Corliss, Stony Brook University (Lead Organizer)
Brian Odom, Northwestern University (Lead Organizer)
Yotam Soreq, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (Lead Organizer)


Lectureship Award

Andrew Jayich, University of California, Santa Barbara

Visitor Awards

C.D. Hoyle, Humboldt State University
C. J. Martoff, Temple University
Surjeet Rajendran

Convening Awards

Louis E. Strigar, Texas A&M University
Sarah Shandera
Devin Walker
Surjeet Rajendran


Lectureship Awards

Shimon Kolkowitz, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Jon Urheim, Indiana University Bloomington
Matt Redshaw
Zelimir Djurcic

Visitor Awards

Paul Hess, Middlebury College
Fred Wietfeldt, University of Washington
Pavlos Protopapas
Ira Rothstein
Mariangela Settimo, DAMIC collaborative
Timothy Chupp
Yamaç (Pehlivan) Deliduman, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul
Jayant Murthy
Qiaoli Yang, Jinan University in Guangzhou
Edward John Daw, The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
Sylvain Fichet

Convening Awards

Noah A. Kurinsky
Philip Cole, Lamar University
Daniel Carney
Cindy Regal
David Hertzog, CENPA
David McKeen, TRIUMF
Ronald F. Garcia Ruiz
Nick Hutzler


Visitor Awards

Catalina Curceanu, Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati of INFN, Italy
Andrew Jayich, University of California, Santa Barbara
Jinjun Liu, University of Louisville
Derek Kimball

Convening Award

Alexander Sushkov

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