US-India Travel Grant Program

APS-IUSSTF Physics PhD Student & Postdoc Visitation Program and Professorship/Lectureship Awards

The Indo-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) sponsors and APS administers the exchange of physicists, physics PhD students, and postdocs between India and the United States.

APS-IUSSTF Professorship/Lectureship AwardsUSIndia Generic
The APS-IUSSTF Professorship/Lectureship Awards in Physics permit physicists from India and the United States to deliver short courses or a lecture series in the other country.

APS-IUSSTF Physics PhD Student & Postdoc Visitation Program
This program is intended for physics PhD students and postdocs who wish to pursue opportunities in physics such as summer institutes or to work temporarily in a laboratory.

The US enjoys hosting students and postdocs from India who gain a greater understanding of US culture, people, and academics. On the other hand, far fewer US young scientists gain similar first-hand experience with Indian science, culture, and people. Given this disparity, the program supports more travel to India by US PhD students and postdocs, while still enabling Indian students and postdocs to travel to the US. 

Applications are closed at this time. 

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