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As part of an ongoing effort to serve the global physics community, APS provides resources to deepen its international engagement with physicists worldwide. Learn more about APS programs, events, publications, and networks offered to physicists in Africa.

Programs & Opportunities


African Physics Newsletter

Subscribe and contribute to connect with the African physics community. Learn more

Travel Grant

FGSA Travel Award for Excellence in Graduate Research

Recognizes graduate students who have made noteworthy progress in academics, covers travel expenses to attend a scientific conference or workshop. Learn more

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US Visa Information

Applying for a visa, navigating application delays, and estimating visa processing times. Learn more


International Research Travel Award Program (IRTAP)

Travel grants to support collaborations between developing and developed country physicists. Learn more

APS Journals

APS Journal Article Access for Developing Countries

With ICTP, APS offers access to its journal articles to scientists in some developing nations. Learn more


FIP Distinguished Student Program Travel Awards

Recognizes outstanding students in any field of physics, providing travel funding to make presentations at the APS March or April Meeting. Learn more

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APS Webinars for Physicists

APS Webinars offer professional development, career guidance, and advice from fellow physicists. Past webinars are available in the webinar archive. Learn more

Fundamental Physics Innovation Awards

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Fundamental Physics Innovation Awards

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Fundamental Physics Innovation Awards provide funding to bring people together to discuss and collaborate on ideas to advance research in the physics of fundamental particles and interactions. Learn more

Reciprocal Society Membership Agreements in Africa

APS signs agreements with other physical societies to exchange certain member benefits. Learn more

Meetings & Events

As taken from the APS Meetings Calendar. To have your meeting added to the APS Meetings Calendar, please email

March Meeting 2022
February 28-March 4, 2022
Chicago, IL

April Meeting 2022
April 9-12, 2022
New York, NY

Access presentations and technical programs for past APS Meetings through the Meeting Archive and Meeting Presentations webpages.

Published by APS

Physical Review Journals

  • Since 1980, over 1,500 articles by authors in Africa have been published in the APS Physical Review Journals.
  • Over 110 articles published Physical Review Journals in 2020 were from authors in Africa.

African Physics Newsletter
Produced by and for African Physicists, APS publishes the African Physics Newsletter to facilitate communication among physicists across Africa and highlight physics news and research from the continent to a broader international community.

Articles in APS News about this Region

Physics Magazine

APS Forum on International Physics (FIP) Newsletter

Stay up to date with the activities of the APS Forum on International Physics by reading the most recent FIP Newsletter.

Globe Africa

Physicists in many African countries may qualify for free APS Membership through the APS Matching Membership Program. For more information contact

Advocacy Efforts

APS Advocacy Efforts: International Scientists & Collaborations

The APS Government Affairs has partnered with APS members to advocate for openness and scientific mobility in hundreds of meetings with Congressional staff across the United States. Learn more

APS Task Force on Expanding International Engagement

The Task Force on Expanding International Engagement examined how the Society can better serve its international members and the global physics community. Share your feedback & ideas with us!

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APS International Councilors

The APS Council of Representatives is an elected body of APS Members that addresses matters related to science and membership, including science policy. International Councilors serve a four year term and provide the perspectives and opinions of international physicists during APS Council discussions and decisions.

Ahmadou Wague

Ahmadou Wagué (Board)
Universite Cheikh, Dakar

Enge Wang photo

Enge Wang
Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Ursula Keller

Ursula Keller
ETH Zurich

Karen Hallberg photo

Karen Hallberg
Instituto Balseiro

Africa - APS Membership by the Numbers

*APS members whose primary residence is the US are not included in these statistics.

Physicists in many countries may qualify for free APS Membership through the APS Matching Membership Program. For more information regarding this program or APS Membership in general, please contact