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To recognize the contributions of APS members worldwide, the Society seeks recommendations to feature APS Global Spotlight Members.

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As a welcoming global hub for physicists, APS acknowledges our members' contributions to the international physics community. APS also seeks to increase awareness of our programs and opportunities available to physicists around the world.

About the Global Spotlight

Every quarter, APS will honor at least one international member serving physicists in their local community, country, or region to highlight on the APS website. The highlight will include a brief biography and photo of the Global Spotlight Member along with information on APS connections, engagement, and available programs regarding the Global Spotlight Member’s region.


Any APS member who resides outside of the United States may be recommended. Any APS member may submit a recommendation. Self recommendations are welcome, as are recommendations for a peer or student member. Recommendations may be for a physicist at any career level.

Deadlines and Timelines

The deadline for recommendations for the first APS Global Spotlight Member is June 11, 2023. Future recommendations will be accepted on a rolling basis with no official deadline.

Submitting a Recommendation

When submitting a recommendation, please include the full name and institutional affiliation of the person you are recommending, as well as your own name and institutional affiliation. Additionally, please include a 200-500 word narrative of the individual's contributions to the international physics community in their neighborhood or country or their contributions globally. You may also choose to include supporting documents, such as a CV, but these documents are not required.

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Please contact the International Affairs team with questions.

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