Minority Physicist Profiles

See What You Can Do With Physics!

Physicists don't all work in labs or teach physics, although many do, and love their jobs.

A physics degree will qualify you for a variety of careers from inventing to analyzing to improving.  Find out the diversity of physics by exploring the jobs of these physicists.

Albin Gonzalez


Think physics and medicine don't mix? Think again! Discover the field of medical physics and Albin, a medical physicist helping patients beat cancer.

Alejandro Rodriguez


Can we one day have paper-thin cell phones? Alejandro's work may just figure out how.

Beth Brown


High school physics bore Beth so much she dropped it- but a look through a telescope changed her mind.

Carlos Gutierrez


Carlos is a materials scientist inspiring students and finding materials to make devices work better.

Christina Barrow

Barrow 1

Christina uses physics everyday to make sure that veterans receive quality cancer radiation treatments.

Claudia Alexander


Claudia wrote science fiction and rode horses when she wasn't studying comets and moons.

Collin Joseph


Collin loves to cook when he's not too busy in the biophysics lab.

Deborah Berebichez


As a child in Mexico, Debbie was told science wasn't for girls. Debbie however broke down that barrier and is now a Wall Street analyst. She invites all girls to join her!

Edward Thomas


Edward admits that physics is hard, but there are many exciting projects that make all the work worthwhile.

Ellen Ochoa


Ellen once considered an education in music, but instead, she became the first Hispanic woman in space.

Evelynn Hammonds

Evelynn Hammonds

Evelynn holds honorary degrees at Spelman College and Bates College.

Gabriela González


Gabriela shapes minds as a professor and attempts to unlock the mysteries of Gravitational Waves as a researcher.

Ginger Kerrick


Who says only kids dream of space exploration? Ginger chased her dreams in spite of many setbacks.

Hakeem Oluseyi


Hakeem turned to physics to escape his rough neighborhood. Now, he's an astrophysicist, professor, and philanthropist.

Keivan Stassun


Keivan says the best thing about being a physicist is there’s no better way to impress the person sitting next to you on an airplane.

Kelle Cruz


Kelle spends much of her time looking at small stars, but when's she not looking at stars, she's blogging and traveling.

Luz Martinez-Miranda


Luz is fascinated by the way optics problems relate to the real world. “There was something about lenses that made me want to study more,” she says.

Lynett Rock


Lynett Rock, a member of the Cherokee Nation, first learned physics via satellite. Now she teaches college physics and math in person.

Marta Dark McNeese


Marta chose physics mostly because she was fascinated with optics, and a little bit because she was afraid of chemicals and disliked knives.

Nadya Mason


Nadya went from gymnastics Olympic hopeful to research scientist.

Paul Markoff–Johnson


Paul has spent most of his career working on creating incredibly thin coatings made of materials selected for their special abilities.

Ramón Barthelemy

Ramón Bathelemy

Assistant Professor, PhD: Ramón is fighting for equality in physics. Find out how!

Ronald Mickens


Ron's curious mind and passion for science led him to pursue a career as an educator and a physicist.

Shirley Ann Jackson


Shirley has come a long way from her childhood fascination with the bumblebees in her backyard.