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Get Ready for the APS March Meeting 2023
In Las Vegas or online, engage with peers from across the globe.

Nobel Lights Conscience night photo

The 2022 Physics Laureates Share Their Stories in Stockholm
As the Nobel Prize returns to ‘real life,’ quantum physicists challenge our view of reality.

How Sound Waves Could Power a Greener Air-Conditioner
At an APS meeting on fluid dynamics, researchers discussed thermoacoustic cooling, an old technology attracting new interest.

Here’s How Honeybees Fly in Windy Conditions

Here’s How Honeybees Fly in Windy Conditions
New research suggests that even in turbulent wind, honeybees maintain their average flying velocity and move in a zig-zag-like pattern.

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Beef patty

Making a Beef Patty — Without the Beef
Meet Dr. Huan Yan, a chemical physicist at the plant-based meat company Impossible Foods.

Study Reports the Impact of COVID-19 on Recent Physics Grads

At Honeywell, APS Bridge Program Grad Finds Success Studying Failure
When hardware doesn’t work, Fernand Torres-Davila must "figure out why."

First a Bridge Program Graduate, Now a NASA Astrophysicist
Laura D. Vega has her eyes on the stars — the pulsating giants and red dwarfs, to be specific.

Study Reports the Impact of COVID-19 on Recent Physics Grads
Some undergrads, like those squeezed financially, were more likely than others to change their post-graduation plans.

APS Innovation Fund Fuels Quantum Education
Online communities help smaller undergraduate schools teach cutting-edge quantum science.

Childlike wonder

Taking the "Childlike" Out of Childlike Wonder
Kids are natural scientists. Why aren’t more adults?

>To Save Science, Talk With the Public

To Save Science, Talk With the Public
Public engagement — in schools, with journalists, and beyond — can safeguard science. But academia’s indifference is standing in the way.

Graduate Students Should Be Paid Living Wages
To invest in science, we need to invest in tomorrow’s scientists. Let’s start by paying them wages that meet the cost of living.


U.S. Science Budgets for 2023 Fall Short of CHIPS Act Ambitions
The year ahead for federal science agencies.

Science Policy Successes in 2022

Science Policy Successes in 2022
APS members worked tirelessly for this year’s achievements.

Taking on Climate Change and Cryptomining Carbon Emissions
Stephanie Mack, the 2021-22 APS Congressional Science Fellow, wraps up her year in Congress.

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