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July 1995 (Volume 4, Number 7)

Physical Review's Greatest Hits

Hans BetheHans Bethe, a pioneer of nuclear physics, was a featured speaker at the Tuesday evening reception celebrating the publication of the Physical Review-The First Hundred Years. Edited by Henry Stroke (New York University), the volume contains reprints of 200 seminal research papers in physics, accompanied by a CD-ROM with a total of 1,000 articles. Together they chronicle not only the growth of modern physics, but also the development of issues that have had a profound impact on the cultural and technological history of the 20th century: Quantum uncertainty, nuclear fission, medical imaging, and the invention of transistors, lasers, and probe microscopes.

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Editor: Barrett H. Ripin

July 1995 (Volume 4, Number 7)

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Physical Review's Greatest Hits
Inside the Beltway: Science Funding Facing 35 Percent Cut By Year 2000
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Researchers Develop New MRI Technique To Better Image Lungs
Media Reps Offer Ways To Bridge Gap Between Scientists and Public
Plasmas Offer Hope of Improved Environmental Clean-Up Techniques
MACHO Project Makes First Detection of Dark Matter in Milky Way
Neutron Lifetimes Could Yield Insights into "Weak Force"
New Measurements of G Deepen Uncertainties About its Value
Book Review
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Scientists Influencing Washington: Making Our Voices Heard
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