APS News

February 1997 (Volume 6, Number 2)


APS Council Proposes Constitutional Amendments
At its November 1997 meeting, the APS Council began the Constitutional process to change the way the variable "X" determines when a shrinking Division of Forum loses Council representation.
Fluid Researchers Gathered in Syracuse for DFD Meeting
New work in simulation techniques, turbulence and the fluid dynamics of physical oceanography were among the highlights of the 1996 fall meeting of the Division of Fluid Dynamics.
ICF, Plasma Astrophysics and Education Outreach Highlight 1996 DPP Meeting
Plasma scientists from around the world gathered in Denver, Colorado, to hear about the latest plasma physics research results in November.
Bromley Emphasizes Communication, Cooperation in Science
Incoming APS President D. Allan Bromley discusses his priorities and goals for the coming year.
Members In The Spotlight
Several APS members recently received numerous national awards and honors.


Horgan's Arguments Require Closer Examination — Critical Thinking & Science Literacy are not the Same Thing — Two-Year Colleges and the APS
APS Views
APS Meetings Manager Michael Scanlan provides a preview of 1997 March and April Meeting programming.
Recognizing the Importance of Undergraduate Science Education
Robert C. Hilborn examines the links between undergraduate, precollege and graduate education in science.
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Debunking Some Myths of Physics Departments, Students and Employment
Superfluidity of Barbecue Sauce


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