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January 1998 (Volume 7, Number 1)


Langer Chosen as APS Vice-President in 1997 Election
Members of the American Physical Society have elected James S. Langer, a professor of physics at the University of California, to be the Society's next vice-president.
Three APS Constitutional Amendments Approved
The 1997 ballot included three constitutional amendments, approved by the APS Council upon recommendation of the APS Committee on Constitution and Bylaws. All three were approved by more than 80% of the votes cast.
Communication, APS Centennial Are Sessler's Top Priorities in 1998
Incoming APS President Andrew Sessler outlines his prevailing concerns and priorities for the Society in the coming year.
The Sad Story of Heisenberg's Doctoral Oral Exam
Heisenberg almost failed his PhD thesis defense.
Michels Gains Broader Perspective During Fellowship Year
Outgoing Congressional Fellow Joseph Michels spent the past year learning the ins and outs of Washington politics firsthand as an APS Congressional Fellow.
Optical Storage, Atom Traps Featured at Annual Laser Science Meeting
Optical and laser scientists from around the world gathered in Long Beach, California, 12-17 October 1997, for the thirteenth annual Interdisciplinary Laser Science Conference (ILS-XIII).
FELs, Biological Physics Featured at SESAPS Meeting
The Southeastern Section of the APS (SESAPS) held its 63rd annual meeting, 6-8 November 1997, at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.
Chiral Perturbation Theory, Discrete Symmetries Highlight 1997 Nuclear Division Meeting
The latest research results in chiral perturbation theory, discrete symmetries, and weak interactions and spin structure were among the topics featured at the annual fall meeting of the APS Division of Nuclear Physics (DNP).
Two APS Publications to be Discontinued
Physical Review B-rapids and Physical Review Abstracts will be discontinued.
APS James C. McGroddy Prize for New Materials
And on November 25, 1997, the Department of Enegry (DOE) announced that Brookhaven Science Associates, a team led by the Batelle Memorial Research Institute of Columbus, Ohio, and the State University of New York at Stony Brook, will operate the laboratory.
Two Young Physicists to Receive 1998 APS Apker Awards
Two promising young physicists have been named by the APS as recipients of the 1998 Apker Award for their research achievements as undergraduates.
In Brief
The Department Of Energy (DOE) announced the team that will operate Brookhaven.


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